AUFA Membership Approves Creation of Lockout / Strike Fund

AUFA membership have voted with an 87% majority to create a Lockout / Strike Fund, in response legislation changes which returns the right to strike for faculty associations. The motion came from recommendations which were presented to the AUFA membership on behalf of the Ad-hoc Lockout / Strike committee.

The following changes were approved:

  • A transfer of $200,000 from AUFA's operating surplus into a strike fund
  • A dues increase of 0.2% which will go exclusively to the strike fund

This fund will be used for strike pay, insurance, and health benefits during any work stoppage. As well, they will be used to pay into the CAUT Defense Fund, which functions as work stoppage insurance for faculty associations.

These changes leave AUFA well-prepared for future negotiations with Athabasca University, ensuring it has the organizational and financial means to negotiate the best possible contract for its members.