Notice of Unfair Labour Practice

On Wednesday, April 11, AUFA filed an unfair labour practice complaint with the Alberta Labour Relations Board against AU because it has consistently failed to meet timelines and it is felt their non-compliance is hampering AUFA’s ability to best serve its members. The Alberta Labour Relations Board agreed to hear the complaint on Thursday April 12, and notified the University Governors of this complaint that same day, with the instructions to inform all employees of the complaint immediately.

The Notice of Unfair Labour Practice is below, which we have posted here as AU has failed to post it in a timely manner as they were directed to do by the Labour Board. Even though AUFA has sent out this notice in order to inform its members, the employer is still obligated to inform its staff by posting the notice for all employees to see. If you are aware of this notice having been posted by the employer, please let the AUFA office know the location of the posting.

Link to PDF

ULP April 11 2018