Membership Engagement Survey


The Membership Engagement Committee was struck in the September 2019 AUFA Retreat. Its first task is to assist the bargaining team to identify member priorities for the 2020 round of bargaining, which commences in March or April 2020. The MEC will do this by contacting 100 randomly-selected AUFA members by telephone and surveying them. The remaining approximately 300 AUFA members will be contacted in future surveys.

survey details

The survey will be conducted in-person or over the telephone and take approximately 10 minutes to complete. It contains three sections.

  • Section one is five environmental questions about morale and staff environment.

  • Section two is ten bargaining questions about priorities for the next round

  • Section three is an open-ended discussion about any strong responses to the previous questions.


Responses from the survey are confidential and will only be sent to the Membership Engagement Committee. The data from the surveys will be held by the AUFA Office. Any information shared with outside parties will have no personally identifiable information.

Any results shared outside of the Membership Engagement Committee will be aggregated so that no personally-identifiable information is available. Comments will be summarized for the protection of members.

The aggregated response to the environmental questions will be made public and shared with the AUFA membership. Summarized comments will be shared as verbatim comments may identify members.

The aggregated responses to the bargaining questions will only be shared with the AUFA Executive and Bargaining Committee.


The survey will begin in mid-November and complete by early December, or until 100 AUFA members have been contacted. Reports will then be circulated to the AUFA Executive, Bargaining Committee, and general membership in January.


Please contact if you have any questions or concerns about the Membership Engagement Survey.