2016 Salaries and Benefits

Geoff Loken (chair)
Rachel Conroy
Terra Murray
Jason Foster

Social Committee

Oksana Delgado
Rahim Mitha
Nikki Pawlitschek
Houda Trabelski


The Communications Committee is primarily responsible for the website and newsletters to the membership. Throughout the year you will receive various communications in your inbox via aufa-notices.


Pamela Holway
David Powell
Jennifer Rempel
Jolene Armstrong
Nick Driedger


Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee meets once a month to review all cases the Grievance Officer is handling.  They may also launch informal grievances under Article 8.3 of the Terms and Conditions contract.  Each case is discussed and best approaches are decided upon.

All meetings are held in camera.


Nick Driedger, Grievance Officer
David Powell
Bob Barnetson
Lawton Shaw
Jolene Armstrong      Florene Ypma

Equity Committee

Jolene Armstrong
Connie Blomgren
Alexa DeGagne
Erin Stevenson
Karen Wall